management assessment of upcoming leaders

we assess TOP people for upcoming challenges.

In order to have a successful business, you have to ask yourself whether co-workers and candidates have the capability to be future executives. Knowledge, methods and processes can be learned – personality developed. Knowing the potential of a person is essential for entrusting him or her a new challenge.

Corporate development, m&a, investment management and inhouse consulting are areas where personality plays an essential role. People in this field of work are present in the entire company. They are the go-to-guys for board members and for colleagues at all business units and hierarchy levels.

As part of board presentations, projects and meetings, they are encountered with different situations – positive and negative. The behaviour in this situation depends very much on the personality of each individuum.

We evaluate the potential of a person based on the specific role, perfectly fitting the concrete demand of the company. The special approach of our Management Assessment is to individualize the contents and methods of the assessment to the specific demands of the company and the role.

This avoids employees being promoted to executives without having the required capability and before being able to scope with the new challenge. In addition, we can provide a valid prognosis of which executives will develop more quickly than others.

The Insights® Discovery System is based on the typology theory of the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung: It offers a possibility for self-awareness and personal development. According to Jung, every person has preferences in dealing with one’s environment, perceiving it, judging it and making decisions.

Due to those preferences, we act and cope with our lives. Insights from behavioural therapy proof that successful people distinguish themselves from others by being fully aware of their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

They can use this knowledge to develop and improve their own performance. As a result, the assessments will help to give the company a clear recommendation towards the suitability of a person for a specific role. The candidate gets a concrete recommendation for further professional and personal development.

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